OFG Sites in Ventura County

We welcome partnerships with government, non-profit organizations, landscape professionals, businesses and schools to reduce runoff and create landscapes that store rainwater.

There are several Ocean Friendly Garden sites in Ventura County.

City of Ventura

Loma Vista School, 300 Lynn Drive, Ventura, CA

Surfrider OFG volunteers recently completed a project at Loma Vista School, in partnership with the Midtown Ventura Community Council, teachers, students and parents, along with the City of Ventura to create a California Coastal Native garden with rain water catchment areas, benches, and pathways.

California Coastal Native Garden at Loma Vista School

A rendering of the California Coastal Native Garden at Loma Vista School.

Will Rogers School, 316 Howard St, 93001; Ocean Street entrance

The Midtown Ventura Community Council led the charge in designing, removing 80 feet of blacktop and building the sprawling garden that included two large bio-swales (dry creek beds) to keep rainwater out of the storm drains. More info here at Will Rogers Elementary School.Bioswale in action

The bioswale during a major rainstorm.

Habitat for Humanity site located at 227 W Prospect Street, Ventura

Dan Long’s located at 1538 San Nicholas St, Ventura

The home of the Huber’s, Jon and Theresa located at 1672 Salt River Road, Ventura


City of Ojai

Ventura County Water District located at 409 Old Baldwin Road

City of Oxnard

There are several sites in Oxnard, where the City of Oxnard has teamed up with City Corp and been able to offer turf removal rebates to homeowners.
Oxnard OFG

There are also three OFG demo sites in Oxnard where G3 – Green Gardens Group led Hands on Workshops on Site Evaluation, Site Preparation and Planting and Irrigation, with gardens located at the home of:

1.  Mary Birch located at 2820 Hill Street, Oxnard

2.  Debbie and Ed Castruita located at 700 Waverly Place Oxnard

3.  Gene and Patricia West located at 501 Deodar Ave, Oxnard

4.  Sergio and Sandy Huante, 237 E Maple Street, Oxnard


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