Urban Runoff Problem

Example of an urban watershed
This is the Sanjon watershed in the city of Ventura.  All water that originates in the non-shaded areas naturally flows into the Sanjon Barranca eventually reaching the ocean. 

Due to urban development the natural creek within the city has been enclosed in an underground storm drain or above ground concrete channels until it reaches the beach. 

Prince Barranca goes underground Once above ground, the barranca is contained in a concrete channel… and then again, back underground.

 Meanwhile much of the city is covered in non-permeable surfaces so water from rain, residences, parks, car washing, etc.  flows directly into the concrete storm drain system.  As the water journeys over the urban watershed, oil, pet waste, pesticides, detergents, and other by-products of urban life is carried to the ocean without benefit of natural filtration or bacterial breakdown.

Wide Residential Street, Ventura

Main Street in Midtown Ventura
San Jon Road, Ventura drains to the beach
Water is rapidly delivered to the oceanalong with all the pollutants it encountered on it’s way through the urban watershed.  The result is a frightening brew of chemicals, petroleum products, pet sewage and trash.

Outflow of Sanjon/Prince Barrancas

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