Will Rogers OFG

Dedication Ceremony
A dedication ceremony will be held on Wednesday, October 2 at 8 a.m. on the Ocean Avenue side of the school near Howard Street, where the Fire Department will help water flow into the swale.

Midtown Ventura Community Council leads the way!
Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 9.58.23 PM
story continued . . . We want to again acknowledge our partners listed above, as well as Larry Mossler of Ojai Quarry who donated boulders to enhance the bio-swales. E.J. Harrison who donated the large green waste dumpster to haul away all the old plants and another dumpster for removal of the asphalt. Dave Morin who wrenched out some of the large brush with his truck Pizza Chief who gave us great discounts on food for the volunteers.

Ventura Rental donated a bobcat and trencher for our local green construction contractor, Jeff Zimmerman of Z Dwellings, for the asphalt removal and digging the swales, while Levi’s Sawing cut the asphalt ahead of Terry Leach, who operated the heavy equipment and saved all of our backs.

We want to again thank all the volunteers who have helped and those that have donated time, materials and money for this community effort.

We invite all the volunteers, supporters, donors and MVCC members to come out for the dedication ceremony on Wednesday, October 2 at 8 a.m. on the Ocean Avenue side of the school near Howard Street.

We plan to have a fire engine test our bioswale with their water hose. It should literally be a blast and all the kids and many parents will be there to see how it works.

There will be a very short dedication ceremony with just a few short speeches of acknowledgement so we hope you can join us.–Dan Long

Kick off on May 11

Join The Ventura County Surfrider Chapter, The Midtown Community Council, and The City of Ventura to build an

Ocean Friendly Garden at the Will Rogers Elementary School

Event dates – 3 Saturdays, May 11th, May 18th, & June 22nd, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Location – Will Rogers Elementary School, 316 Howard St, 93001; Ocean Street entrance
Volunteers will be creating an Ocean Friendly Garden and teaching YOU how to do it at your own property.  You will Learn how this typical lawn became an Ocean Friendly Garden (OFG) that applies CPR

C – Conservation – properly spaced native & climate appropriate plants

P – Permeability – healthy soil, mulch and hardscape sponge up water

R – Retention – direct rain gutters into streambed, & parkway curb cuts to capture runoff

Here is an example of a recent garden transformation. The one on the left is using about 20,000 gallons of treated, potable drinking water annually.  The one on the right uses little to no additional water because rainwater from the roof is directed into “bioswales” inside the garden.

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 8.48.32 AM

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 8.48.46 AMFood/drink – We’ll provide some food and drink for hungry volunteers.

Please bring – refillable container (for drinks), wear sunscreen and hat and comfortable work clothes and shoes

RSVP and Register to Volunteer – at vcsrf.oceanfriendlygardens@gmail.com. This will help estimate materials to prepare.

OFG Sign Criteria & Online OFG Map www.oceanfriendlygardens.org

Free City Sign – For more info contact Jill Sarick at the City of Ventura: jsarick@ci.ventura.ca.usLink to flyer for Will Rogers School workday on May 11, 2013
Will Rogers flier



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